Mandarine Media is an international communication, advertising and production agency based in Rome and Cologne. Mandarine delivers complete brand management and strategic creativity, by defining and empowering the brand’s identity ranging from image strategy to branding solutions. It was founded in 2007 by Marita Reichenbach and today it offers full production services including also the management and representation of photographers and models, scouting and casting services and everything in between of your fashion and advertising shootings.

Mandarine Productions

delivers full production services of image & film, digital and visual material of beauty, fashion and advertising campaigns collaborating with an extensive team of production-managers, logistic planners, location scouters, etc.

Mandarine Models

represents models and talents and offers a first model selection helping you to find the perfect model for your advertising or fashion campaigns. Go to site:

Mandarine Casting

helps with the search as a Casting Agency as well as with a quick and accurate selection of models, talents and kids from fashion to advertising and street style, collaborating with a large number of Italian and international partner agencies.


Production and executive production:

– Location scouting & location management
– permits
– assurance
– travel & logistic planning
– equipment hire
– casting / model & talent scouting
– styling hair & make up
– video and video backstages
– digital postproduction
– account management
– rights and contract management
– In-house photo studios and lofts to facilitate the production needs.

Brand management and creative planning:

– concept development
– creative consulting
– art buying
– art direction
– branding / corporate identity
– communication strategies
– social media strategies
– social advertising
– advertising and fashion/video clips
– AD campaign
– catalogue
– lookbook
– concept fashion video
– concept AD spots
– story boarding
– music & sound design
– web design

Casting and Management

– Model management of MandarineModels
– Casting services
– Photographer representation


Mandarine guarantees an exclusive and individual service, offering personal consultations with highly qualified creative directors, image and video producers, casting directors, stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists and photographers. Experience  and  know-how is going to be used  in an  efficient way  for the production of visual media and in the Brand management.

The Agency has specialized for many years in the production and representation and is one of the leading providers of syndication, licensing and high-end licensing.

Mandarine delivers, if required,  highly creative visual artists and innovative services representing a selected number of international  photographers,  film and video-makers like Gavin O’Neill, Marco Glaviano, Marc Collins, Gioconda & August, Hervé Lewis, Joseph Cardo, Max Seam, Marco di Filippo, Stefano Bidini, Fabio Bozzetti, Eugenio Qose.





  • Via del Mandrione 109, 00181 Rome – Italy

  • +39 32 8609 6788

  • +39 06 83807 072



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